We are Special
We started responding to the Mexican industry by providing equipment that was required for the production of various source materials. The success of the product was linked to dominate installation, maintenance and operation monitoring. Our dedication has been so successful that today Ecomssa is an authorized assembler of complex equipment and machinery in other countries.

Specialized technicians assemble orders in just few hours ranging from industrial chains to speeders reducers. That allows us to have immediate availability. No matter if it’s an emergency or not we’ll always be available to help you to fix or make improvements to your infrastructure.

We know that the success of your growth depends on the right investments and the right advice. We are here to make you have a great experience. We have what you need.


Technical advice and training in the use, maintenance and installation of products.

Installation, repair, maintenance, and assembly of planetary speed reducers and engineering chains.

Analysis and calculation of carriers for the selection of power transmission products and engineering chains.

Design and manufacture of gears, speed reducers and custom engineering chains..